Customised services and monitoring

Renowned expertise in the fashion and textile industry


Consumer Product  Inspection

Benefit from a 360° view of the quality of your merchandise

Eurofins | AQM controls the compliance of merchandise ordered by its customers, relative to the validated sample, technical data and customer expectations. The quality controllers will give you a precise idea of your production progress and will tell you if your supplier is able to fulfill his commitments.

Eurofins | AQM Inspection Center

Inspect a larger amount of items each day

A dedicated team is located at the heart of your logistics chain to monitor the quality and compliance of your products. These are inspected prior to shipping, during slack periods in the logistics flow.

Whether for home textile, clothing, fabrics or even accessories, we have a suitable solution for you


A team of specialists at your service

Unique know-how

Eurofins | AQM Laboratory

Give your customers the guarantee their products will age well

We have conducted physical tests at inspection centers for prestigious European brands, for several years now. Today, Eurofins | AQM strengthens this expertise by offering a series of tests in its own laboratory. Whatever the weave, construction, structure or even composition of your fabrics and knitwears, we will have an appropriate procedure for them.

Factory Audit

Reduce your risks by ensuring you will be working with a factory that caters to your needs

As it is not always easy to evaluate the ability and the quality of your suppliers,

Eurofins | AQM has developed a large choice of technical, social, security and environmental audits.  Our technical and social auditors will provide you a detailed report of the situation. This will allow you to contemplate  your business relationship more serenely.


We work hand in hand to make your quality our priority

100% textile laboratory

Benefit from an adapted process