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At Eurofins | AQM, team work and collaboration are essential to us.  We consciously strive to create a supportive working environment.


Events and team building have made our team over the time, more cohesive and motivated. See what they think below. 

Senior Software Developer (Shanghai, China)

In order to continue to improve and expand our product in a challenging business environment, we are hiring a Senior Software Developer based in Shanghai, China. He/she will work in an young entrepreuneurial environment, reporting directly to the Scrum Master.

Customer Service Manager (Shanghai, China)

In order to cope with our fast developing business, we are looking for a Customer Service Manager with high level of professionalism, flexibility and communications skills to provide excellent customer service to our customers. The position will be located in Shanghai, China and report to Inspection Operation Direction as part of the Operation Department.

Junior Product Owner (Massy Palaiseau, France)

In order to cope with our fast developing business, we are currently looking for a Junior Product Owner to join our Product team in Massy Palaiseau (France).

As the voice of the user, you will work closely with the digital platform team leader of Eurofins Assurance to drive the decisions that make our product the best they can be, for our users and the organization as a whole. Working with stakeholders, you will lead the research, requirement gathering and prioritization of your own strategic product backlogs.