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ISO 2859 Standard

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Quality control according to ISO 2859

Our inspections are performed according to the ISO 2859 regulations*, known as the international standard procedure in quality control inspection. Based on a statistical table, this standard ensures that the inspection is performed according to the level of strictness required by the client.

*also known under the references Military Standard 105 E and NFX 06.022

Inspection procedure based on a statistical table (AQL table):

First, the customer defines the level of inspection (level I, II, III). The higher the level is, the higher the sample size will be.

Next, the client determines its Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), which define the threshold number of defective pieces tolerated throughout the lot inspected.

During the inspection, we select a random sample of pieces in the lot and then count the number of defective products according to three categories of defects (minor, major and critical). The number of pieces taken is defined by the inspection level chosen and by the number of pieces presented during the inspection.

According to the standard:

  • If the number of defective products is below the threshold for defect tolerance (defined by the AQL) then the lot is accepted.
  • I would mention that its's up to the client to decide whether to accept or reject.

Once the check is performed, a detailed report is sent to the client within the same day.
AQM is about high quality inspections with strict standards, but adaptive to the client's needs according to the end result of the inspection.

See the glossary for more information.

Letter -code of sample batch

According to the ISO standard 2859-1: 1999

Simple sampling procedure in normal inspection

According to the ISO standard 2859-1: 1999