What does AQM do?

AQM is a quality control company providing inspection services in the textile industry. In order to find an appropriate solution to your needs, we provide different services:

What are the benefits of a quality inspection?

Our quality control services allow you to improve your supply chain.

  • Reduce the costs related to quality problems on delivery.
  • Identify any non-conformity between the reality of the product and its specifications.
  • Improve the relationship with your suppliers, thanks to a constant presence on your behalf.

Can AQM help me to find a supplier for my products?

AQM does not provide sourcing services and is not able to help you find a supplier, in order to keep its independence and integrity towards factories.

What kind of products do you inspect?

AQM is specialized in textile quality inspections, which includes home textiles, fabrics, garments and accessories (bags, belts…).

How long in advance should I book my inspection?

AQM has a fast booking process, so you can book your quality control 48 hours prior inspection.

What is your inspection procedure?

AQM inspection process follows ISO 2859 procedure and checks these different points:

  • Conformity: Our quality controller (QC) checks the conformity between the product and the Pre-Production Sample (PPS) or other technical files.
  • Quality: Our QC checks the defects of the product (fabric defects, colors defects, accessories and label defects, manufacturing defects).
  • Measurement: According to the measurement chart, our QC checks the measures for each size of the product.
  • Packaging: Our QC checks the quantity of cartons, size of cartons, their weight, etc.

What is an AQL?

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard refers to the maximum percentage of defects that are acceptable in a sampling plan. In AQM inspection procedures, this coefficient is calculated through ISO 2859, and the chosen quality level is adapted according to the customer's requirements.

What are the different levels of inspection?

According to the AQL standard, there are three general inspection levels (I, II and III). This inspection level is the relation between the lot size and the sample size. Inspection level choice is made by the customer but most of the times, but by default, the inspection level is II.

How many pieces will be inspected?

The number of pieces taken is defined by the inspection level chosen (level I, II or III) and by the number of pieces presented during the inspection.

AT AQM, what is one man-day?

For one man-day, a maximum of 2 references or 325 pieces can be inspected.
Our man-day also includes:

  • The inspection service and all the documents (files, reports) related to it.
  • The QC's transportation, meals and overtime.
  • An access to our online services.

What happens if my products do not have the required level of quality?

After you check the inspection's result in the AQM report, you can decide whether you accept the goods, reject them, or carry out another inspection. As an independent company, we do not interfere in your decision and will inform your supplier about your decision.