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Inspection centers

Within a decade, AQM has developed a network of quality inspection centers throughout Asia, allowing them to be present in Bangladesh, China and Turkey.



Thus, at the heart of the structure specifically dedicated to the brand and located on the forwarding agent’s premises, the team of controllers monitors the quality and compliance of the products in relation to the validated sample and technical specifications. Our staff is trained exclusively for the brand.


Thanks to this infrastructure, the monitoring of production can take place under optimum conditions.

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AQM inspectors at an inspection center in China

AQM, pioneer in quality control inspection centers

The quality inspection center is a turnkey solution that allows the monitoring of important volumes of production, conducting from two, to more than forty inspections per day.


Quality inspection centers projects can only function, if all the players in the supply chain work in complete confidence. The factories, agents, logisticians and quality control team do their best to bring together the security for purchasing and the optimisation of the most successful supply chain.

Optimum conditions for an inspection

Your products are monitored in a neutral environment, independent of the production site and in optimum inspection conditions* for guaranteeing a high level of reliability.


* Bright lighting, a defined work space and clean premises…

Cost control


Thanks to a unique monitoring location, you have the possibility of inspecting a larger amount of items each day, thus reducing the transport costs of inspectors and improving their productivity.


You also benefit from a customised billing system with lower rates according to the volumes inspected.

Reduction in non-productive time


Your products are inspected prior to dispatch, during slack periods in the logistics flow.


This way, your supply chain is neither slowed down, nor affected.

Integrated physical tests

By conducting your physical tests* at the inspection center, you gain in flexibility and in reactivity, whilst reducing your costs.


*Dimensional stability after washing, colour fastness after washing, traction resistance of accessories…

Quick decision-making


Thanks to reports transmitted on the same day as the inspection, decision-making can take place immediately without any time wasting.



Thanks to the permanent contact of our teams with your logistician, your process gains in fluidity and flexibility, to guarantee delivery of your merchandise within the allocated time.

Customised service

As a customer’s needs are unique, the inspection center is also unique.


Each inspection center is structured to enable 100% personalised processes, thus catering perfectly to the brand’s quality criteria.

Unique approach on the market

AQM has developed an expertise in the development of quality inspection centers for big European textile brands.


With more than nine years of experience, AQM guides and advises textile companies for the perfect integration of their inspection centers to the specificities of their process.

Textile experts

Made up of a team of quality controllers trained for and only for the brand, the inspection center offers a high level of expertise.


This way, the teams know exactly what the customer requires, working under optimum conditions for inspection, in order to offer better monitoring efficiency.

Constant optimisation

A direct and privileged relationship with the quality controllers, will allow you to act upon the process directly, and optimise or even customise according to your needs.

Is it the ideal solution for my business?

Yes, if:


-  You regularly have more than two inspections per day, so approximately more than 600 per year

-  You wish to put in place a real tripartite partnership with your forwarding agent and with AQM.

-  Your products leave the country from the same shipping port (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Dhaka, Istanbul, etc.)      

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How do you define the size of the sample to be inspected?

The inspections are conducted according to ISO 2859 standards.


Internationally recognized as being the reference, they guarantee the representativeness of the sample, as well as the uniqueness of the rules of acceptance of the order.

What are you going to monitor?

AQM adapts itself to your expectations by monitoring the required points relative to:


The quality, to detect the critical, major and minor defects.

The compliance of the items with regard to the sample and specifications.

The measurements

The packaging, conducting additional tests for solidity and fit…

When will I receive my report?

The report will be sent to you via email or via AQM Online on  the same day as the inspection for no additional cost.


It is a real insight into the state of your order, and will quickly give you the necessary information to help you decide on a plan of action.   

What will I receive?

At the very heart of the report, you will discover the detailed results of the tests conducted according to around fifty customisable criteria relating to the quality, compliance, measurements, tests and conditioning of your products.


It will also contain photos presenting all the points, giving you a clear and complete vision of the level of quality of your merchandise.

If the quality of my merchandise is not right, what will happen?

Your production will be returned to the factory, for the necessary modifications to take place. A re-inspection can then be considered with the aim of checking the required changes have actually taken place.

  • Direct access
    to your reports

    Search, download and archive your reports

  • Online schedule of
    your inspections

    Follow your inspection schedule

  • Qualitics,
    the quality statistics

    Easily analyse your inspection results

  • Interface for booking
    your inspections online

    Book your inspections in a few clicks

  • Sample

    Validate your sample for quality and purchasing

Monitoring the schedule

The schedule facilitates monitoring, giving you a global view in real-time of the planned inspections, and allowing you to control the planning of the inspections.


It also offers access by date, to the downloading of reports.

Visualisation of the results

Searchable, downloadable or even transferable via email, the edited reports remain accessible by any associates of the company having right of access.


This application avoids the storage and filing of reports in the inbox or even on the internal network.

Development of a defects library

The defects library is automatically stocked, filing all the defects detected on the photographs.


Complete and simple to use, it allows the list of defects of the company to be regularly updated, in order to maintain and significantly improve quality levels.

Your quality statistics in one click

AQM has developed a unique online application: QUALITICS. It allows you to acquire pertinent statistics relating to product quality, product range and monitored suppliers.


A series of key indicators is thus obtained in order to better comprehend the past, monitor the present and foresee the future.


This intuitive tool improves daily quality monitoring, facilitating the decision-making process thanks to additional transparency. It also contributes to increasing the level of performance of the service quality control service, through its quick and immediate access to reliable information as well as a global view of the activity.


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