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EVENT | Seminar on functional fabrics and sportswear - Oct 7th, 2015

7 October 2015 - Textile Industry  AQM  EVENTS  Laboratory 

THIS SEMINAR TOOK PLACE ON October 7th, 2015 in Doorn.

You want to learn more about fabrics with special properties and sportswear ? Contact us at events@aqm-hk.com to have more information about the next seminar organised by AQM on this topic.

TRAINING | Environmental awareness & compliance training - Oct 1st, 2015

1 October 2015 - EVENTS  Training  Environment  AQM  Environmental audit 


AQM provides "Environmental awareness and compliance" trainings specially designed for the middle management of factories. They take place on a regularly basis in countries where AQM is present. New training will soon be organised, if you want to learn more about our next sessions please contact us at events@aqm-hk.com.

NEWS | Launching of the AQM Environmental Audit

22 September 2015 - AQM  Environment  Environmental audit  NEWS 

AQM extends its panel of audits with the Environmental Audit ! We have built a unique and pragmatic approach to guide your suppliers towards environmentally friendly practices. Our audit is adapted to your expectations and to the factory's capacities. Find out more ...

NEWS | Opening of AQM Vietnam

17 September 2015 - AQM  Vietnam  NEWS  Sourcing destinations 

Vietnam is becoming a leading textile sourcing destination and its role in the industry is expected to grow fast over the next years. Therefore, AQM anticipates the transfer of many manufacturing activities towards Vietnam by responding to its customers' new needs in this area with an office in Hanoï... Lear more.

NEWS | Why Vietnam could become the next workshop of the world ?

2 September 2015 - Textile Industry  Vietnam  Sourcing destinations  NEWS 

At the time when textile sourcing destinations are changing, Vietnam is succeeding in becoming one of the most attractive country and even appears to compete with China. 


Why and how Vietnam has become one of the favorite destination for buyers ? 

NEWS | Opening of AQM Myanmar

13 July 2015 - AQM  Myanmar  Sourcing destinations  NEWS 

AQM expands its international presence by creating AQM Myanmar in order to be closer to your suppliers, Our local team is now here to support you in this area of great sourcing potential...

NEWS | AQM Laboratory : new tests available

10 July 2015 - AQM  Laboratory  NEWS 

AQM Laboratory expands its services again! Our experts are now able to test the corrosion resistance of metallic accessories and the wetting resistance (water repellency) of your fabrics...

NEWS | Myanmar has burst onto the textile industry


Since 2013, Myanmar has developed and modernized its textile industry at a very rapid pace and this obviously begins to attract famous brands, seeking alternative sources of supply. As a textile industry expert, AQM tells you more about the sourcing opportunities in this country …