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Textile Specialist

AQM focuses all its activities on the textile industry, which includes fabrics, garments and accessories. Our team is composed of experienced professionals with a textile expertise.

All our inspection services are carried out with processes and protocols specific to the textile industry, and innovative tools are used to measure the performance of textile suppliers. As the textile industry needs to be fast, we focus on innovations to improve our customers' supply chain.

Quality Control

AQM performs quality control and inspection services for different customers from all over the world. Using international standards such as ISO 2859, our Quality Controllers (QC) method consists to check different control points:

Conformity: The QC checks the conformity of the product (design, colors, raw material…) with the Pre-Production Sample (PPS) and other technical files.

Quality: Our QC checks for defects (fabric defects, colors defects, accessories and label defects, manufacturing defects) and classifies them accordingly.

Measurement: Following the measurement chart, our QC checks the measures for each size of the product.

Packaging: Our QC checks the quantity of cartons, size of cartons, their weight, shipping marks, etc.