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Our Principles

AQM business is based on ethics, responsibility and confidentiality

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Independence and integrity of our teams

The success of AQM resides in its independence from factories and traders. This is why for the recruitment of its inspectors, AQM relies on demanding criteria to guarantee that the inspections are conducted independently and objectively. AQM also assures a daily monitoring of inspectors in order to detect any insufficiency in this essential point of its charter. The AQM inspectors may not accept any gifts or favors from manufacturers and must report this kind of behavior.

Compliance with local standards

The local laws are well known and compliance with them is carefully analyzed. During a mid-production or final inspection, the AQM inspectors are instructed to communicate to their supervisor any violation of these rules by a manufacturer.

Internal charter of ethics

A charter of ethics was written by the directors of AQM in order to guarantee a responsible approach and the level of service that results from it. This document reminds AQM employees of their commitments in terms of confidentiality, integrity and independence.

Confidentiality of information

The agreement between AQM and its clients includes a confidentiality clause that allows information resulting from an inspection to remain confidential. AQM also ensures its clients that we rent or sell they client's personal information will not without their consent.