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Created in 2005, AQM is a quality control company providing inspection services in the textile industry

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Business solutions for the safety of your imports

For each situation, we offer an adapted solution in order to detect the risks as soon as possible without slowing down your supply chain. Our quality control services allow you to:

  • Reduce the costs related to quality problems on delivery

  • Evaluate the quality of the infrastructure or products

  • Identify any non-conformity between the reality of the product and its specifications

  • Improve the relationship with your suppliers, thanks to a constant presence on your behalf.

All our inspections are carried out according to international standards such as ISO 2859 and ISO 9001.

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An expert for your textile inspections

As an organization independent from buying agencies, trading companies and production units, AQM provides inspection services (quality inspections in factories, audits and quality platforms) for companies in the textile industry. We rely on our own offices, located in strategic areas of textile products manufacturing: China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey.

An experienced team dedicated to your needs

Our country managers are all expatriates, trained in Europe to understand customer requirements and brand image. They supervise our teams specialized by area of activity and customer, and ensure direct and permanent connection with their customers. Being directly in the field, the transmission of information with the suppliers is optimal and the customer quality requirements are entirely assimilated by our teams.